Custom software development

Custom software development

Exclusivity is hidden in the details. If you aren’t willing to accept an off-the-shelf solution, we work with you to determine which individual software is the best solution for your company.


Requirements analysis

We document your business processes together with you and the various stakeholders. On this basis, we determine your priorities, establish existing framework conditions and set clear objectives. Once we’re done, you’ll have an application that has been carefully tailored to your needs.



We take the technical requirements and interfaces to other systems into account and define the individual project stages. We are also happy to create a prototype to demonstrate and discuss our work with you.


Architectures and design

Software is there to help you achieve your company's main objectives. When making architecture decisions, we take the efficiency, maintainability and further development of the architecture into consideration to provide the best possible quality in terms of functionality, design and application.



Only the most suitable technologies, tools and programming languages are used when developing your custom application. You can check the current development status on the basis of set milestones or with regular updates as part of the CI/CD process.


Go live

When it's time to launch your software, we take you through all the required stages, from installation and configuration to connecting to third-party systems and data migration. We offer user training for your employees to ensure a smooth go-live.



Once development is done, we're happy to assist with software maintenance and support. We provide support while your business operations continue uninterrupted and act as a trusted partner at your side for any questions related to potential enhancements or updates. Give us a call!

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