We specialize in technical fields. Take advantage of our expertise in these sectors. Once we've learned more about your domain, we create the technical software and applications for administration in your business environment.


Motor vehicles

Modern cars contain over 100 million lines of code in control devices, assistance systems and entertainment equipment. Many systems are interlinked and software is getting increasingly complex. At the same time, development cycles for motor vehicle software are constantly getting shorter. It's crucial that the software you use for research, development, testing and production can be adapted to new conditions with minimal hassle or expenditure.


Clean room and building surveillance

Collecting measured values via sensors and processing these values plays a major role in the surveillance of your premises and buildings. We process your data exactly where you need it. By employing edge computing, we can improve responsiveness for critical applications and write long-term data to the cloud for statistical analysis to ensure your resources are optimally utilized.


Solar photovoltaics

When planning your solar power plant, the angle of the sun's rays or solar cells casting shade on each other are key things to keep in mind. Selecting the right software can help you decide where to position and set up your solar cells. An automated performance calculation allows you to get the most out of your solar power plant.


Automated testing

A number of virtual simulation methods (HIL/SIL/MIL) are employed in the motor vehicle industry to speed up the development of ECU software and bring down costs. Automated testing with complex tool environments is mandatory for shorter development periods. We can help you set up or expand your toolchains and connect the individual applications with various communication protocols like CAN or XCP


Automated checks

Series production, short runs or batch size 1 Flexible planning, configuration and test bed management are paramount when it comes to short product lifecycles and made-to-order production. Your software needs to meet high requirements. Whether it's communicating with sensor and actuators using protocols like CAN, SPI, I2C or ethernet, or creating documentation to record test results for your management, we help you implement your own custom automated checks.


Measurement and control technology

Measurement and control systems are not self-contained units, instead offering a wide range of interfaces for configuration, control, monitoring, recording and analysis. With these systems, devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) can be accessed at any time from any place. As a result, they offer a number of options when it comes to optimizing usage or creating new maintenance concepts, like condition monitoring. Improve your competitive standing with PC and cloud-based measurement and control technology.


Safety and control fittings

In the process industry, at nuclear power plants and in the nuclear industry, emergency valves protect the pressure in containers and pipes from rising to unauthorized levels. Rely on our experience in designing emergency valves in accordance with the applicable regulations such as ASME/API, AD2000, EN ISO 4126, VdTÜV or IBR.


Particle counter - medical technology

We develop your GxP compliant application in accordance with the GAMP 5 guide on records and data integrity. FDA title 21 CFR Part 11 is adhered to when recording, editing or deleting your data and when using electronic signatures.


Tech toys

The quality of the finished project is the top priority in the manufacture of high quality tech toys like model trains. We are happy to assist with setting up automated or partially automated end-of-line testing.

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