Project management

Project management

Make every project a success by relying on our competence and vast expertise in conventional and agile project management.


Project planning and implementation

Systematic processes and careful planning are key to successfully completing any project and achieving the desired results. From the outset, we establish the requirements, objectives and benefits for all stakeholders, as ultimately, things running smoothly relies on their approval. You can always check the current status of your project thanks to our customer-friendly transparency and open communications throughout the course of the project.


Tendering process and bids

Once we have analyzed your project requirements, we launch the tendering process with you to request bids from various providers. When receiving bids, we focus not only on the price quoted for the project, but also the competence of the provider and the quality of the proposed solution. If you would like to continue working with a provider once the project is complete, we can also look at the services they offer and their support services.


Project team and task allocation

When building a team, we look at more than just subject-specific knowledge and expertise. Incorporating the different personalities, mindsets and traits of individual team members results in diverse teams, making it possible to quickly come up with effective solutions in tough scenarios based on the wide range of experience held by the team. We allocate the roles and responsibilities of individual team members together with the entire team and involve all team members when making decisions, where possible.


Time management and milestones

With our time management system, we monitor the progress of individual project-related tasks. Software projects can often be affected by issues like a lack of staff or new additional tasks due to changing market circumstances. We name set milestones to ensure optimal time management and uncover any time constraints with good notice during the project. Milestones are specific points in a project that can be used to measure progress to simplify project planning and progress monitoring.


Controlling, budgeting and reports

Controlling refers to structuring, collecting and analyzing information to create schedules and to evaluate and record the results. In traditional project management, project managers are tasked with constantly balancing costs and labor in relation to the generated results. By contrast, with agile (SCRUM) projects, project controlling is a key component in release and sprint planning as well as control management for product backlog refinement or retrospectives.


Cost management and resource deployment

Project cost management and resource planning are two of the most important aspects of project management. For both conventional and agile projects, costs are calculation and the required resources determined in the planning stage. This provides a starting figure for finances that can be taken as a basis to measure current project costs at any point in time. If necessary, the budget, deployed resources or the scope of the project can be adjusted as required.

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